Monthly Archives: April 2021

  1. Frankie The Studs

    Frankie The Studs
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  2. Gangs of Old Ladies

    Gangs of Old Ladies


    This time sees the boys with an even more refined sound and what has been hailed by some as an excellent view into what many believe to be the amazing sound of this band's future. Joining the band this

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  3. Djuro Gajic

    Djuro Gajic

    Djuro Gajic is an Australian (Dark Techno - Techno) producer and DJ.
    Djuro Gajic was born in Serbia - Belgrade, where he started his DJ career .He moved to Australia in early 2014,
     where his new surroundings expanded his horizons in his love for music, where  he became interested in producing.

    He started using his own name, when he

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  4. Down and Out

    Down and Out

    Down And Out started in 2017 with just two members who wrote some songs for the fun of it.

    In late 2018, those songs were recorded and later dropped on an EP called “A Brief Exchange” in early 2019. It was fairly well received so we decided to get an actual band

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  5. Rose Tattoo

    Rose Tattoo
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